Hello Paper Enthusiast!

Have you ever thought how lucky we are to be living in this age of abundant craft supplies? But have you also experienced the paralysing effect of being confronted by such a vast variety of products?

It can become incredibly overwhelming and confusing, to the point that you spend more time choosing products than using products!

I discovered that grouping products together in a coordinated way, into bundles and kits, made a big difference in reducing the anxiety of craft choice overload.

Crafting became a joy again, as I could reach for products that I had already thoughtfully curated into coordinated bundles. Less confusion and a lot less waste were the results!!!!

Excited by this new way of creating, I just kept on creating new bundles and kits, often adding in my own handmade items to make them even more special and workable.

I love helping fellow crafters, and I offer these specialised hand curated bundles and kits, so you can also enjoy the benefits of this more simplified, stress free approach to crafting.

Please let me know via the Contact page if you have any bundle or kit ideas in mind. I would love to create something especially for you!

I wish you many happy hours of crafting!

Jan Smith xx